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Lack Of New Mexico Say In Nuclear Waste Project Draws Ire- Hobbs-Sun News, Associated Press

The chair of a New Mexico legislative committee that monitors radioactive and hazardous materials in the state says he finds it troubling that Attorney General Hector Balderas has concluded the state cannot legally stop a New Jersey-based company from building a nuclear waste storage facility.

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New Mexico’s Public Education Department is planning to appeal a court ruling last month that found the state violated the rights of at-risk students by failing to provide an adequate education. Judge Sarah Singleton’s decision doesn’t tell the department exactly what changes to make but says it must do better by its low-income students, Native American students, those with disabilities and English-language learners.

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Let's Talk New Mexico 8/2 8a: Research shows that learning about one's own history and culture can keep students engaged and lead to better educational outcomes. A recent court ruling found New Mexico's Public Education Department is failing its Native American students, in part by not providing adequate culturally relevant materials. Did you have access to Native American Studies or classes taught in your Native language?

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Conquistador Reenactment Leaders Apologize To Pueblo IndiansAssociated Press

Organizers of the annual reenactment of a 17th-century Spanish conquistador reclaiming Santa Fe from Native Americans have issued an apology to Pueblo Indians.

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New Mexico was one of the first states in the country to expand its Medicaid program a few years ago.

And now it may also be one of the first to create a Medicaid buy-in program to make insurance more accessible for people who are undocumented or have low incomes.

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Judge Says Albuquerque vehicle seizure program unconstitutional Albuquerque Journal, Associated Press

A federal judge has found the vehicle seizure program operated in Albuquerque to be unconstitutional.

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Albuquerque Public Schools plans to open a new program next month for students who don’t speak English and have little to no prior formal schooling. But some say that program is set up for failure. Dozens of advocates and students gathered Monday evening in Albuquerque’s South Valley to call for more transparency and accountability in the way APS designs educational services for immigrant and refugee children.  

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People detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement around the country describe harsh conditions and even abuse inside facilities. Transgender women seeking asylum in the United States are often held by ICE in a separate pod at a detention center near Grants, New Mexico. On Friday, July 27, advocates saw a small victory when some women were released.

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Libertarian Senate Hopeful Quits As Gary Johnson Eyes Run- Associated Press

The Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate announced Monday that he is quitting the race, opening the door for former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and creating uncertainty in a race that Democrats considered safe.

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Gary Johnson Mulling Run For US SenateAssociated Press

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is considering jumping into the race for U.S. Senate in New Mexico as the current Libertarian candidate prepares to drops out.

Johnson’s consultant Ron Nielson told The Associated Press on Friday that the former New Mexico governor is "strongly considering" running for U.S. Senate if Libertarian candidate Aubrey Dunn quits the race.

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It’s been a little over a week since University of New Mexico regents voted to eliminate 4 sports programs, despite numerous passionate objections from around the campus and the city.

The men’s soccer program was one of the cuts, but Coach Jeremy Fishbein is holding onto hope that the reaction in the community, and among some state lawmakers, might signal that all is not lost.


Robbin Bates, an MFA candidate in UNM's Painting and Drawing Program, is working this summer in a skylighted basement space in the University of New Mexico's Anderson School of Management.  Robbin's design was chosen from a field of student submissions for a new mural in Parish Memorial Library.  The 20"x11" mural will be revealed in a ceremony this September.

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Gary Johnson Mulling Run For US Senate- Associated Press

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is considering jumping into the race for U.S. Senate in New Mexico as the current Libertarian candidate prepares to drops out.

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When you go to your doctor’s office to get help for something like high blood pressure, you wouldn’t expect to get a prescription to join a walking group. There’s a program that does just that for areas in Albuquerque that have higher rates of chronic diseases.

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Santa Fe emergency management officials are bracing for another big thunderstorm Thursday just days after 2 to 3 inches of rain fell in a monster storm on Monday.

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New Mexico To Appeal Ruling On Adequacy Of School FundingAssociated Press

A judge's ruling won't end the legal fight over whether New Mexico's funding for public schools is adequate.

State Launches New Campaign To Target Opioid Abuse

Jul 25, 2018
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There are about 1.7 million opioid prescriptions written every year in New Mexico. The state still has a problem with opioid related deaths, but the numbers are slowly going down here even as they rise around the country.

Farmer Plants His Life In Harvest Cycle

Jul 24, 2018
Melorie Begay

Life for a farmer revolves around the changing of the season, but one Albuquerque farmer’s developed an even deeper relationship with the cycle. 

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More than two inches of rain fell across Santa Fe in just hours Monday night. That’s almost 15 percent of New Mexico’s annual rainfall. During storms like this roads can be just as dangerous as arroyos.

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Let's Talk New Mexico 7/26 8a: A new chapter in the fight over educational equity in New Mexico has begun. On July 20, 2018, a judge ruled that the state has violated the rights of at-risk students by failing to provide an adequate education. We'll speak with advocates and lawmakers about what the landmark decision means. What does an adequate education mean to you? And how can the state provide it to all students? 

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Advocates Say Ruling Holds Promise For Native American Students- Associated Press


It's being billed as a landmark ruling that could reshape New Mexico's education system and how it gets funded.

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The state of New Mexico has violated students’ constitutional rights by failing to provide an adequate public education, according to a landmark decision handed down late Friday by a New Mexico District Court judge.

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A state court ruled Friday that New Mexico’s education system fails to provide an adequate education to at-risk students, as required by the state’s constitution. In her ruling, Judge Sarah Singleton outlined the harm done to economically disadvantaged students, Native American students, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities. 

KUNM's Hannah Colton spoke with staff attorney Ernest Herrera of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, who’s been working the case for years.

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Environmental Group Taps Reservoirs To Boost Rio Grande Flow – Santa Fe New Mexican, Associated Press

Cities, water managers and a key irrigation district along the Rio Grande have agreed to sell water they don't immediately need to help boost flows along a stretch of the river in central New Mexico to deal with extremely dry conditions and benefit endangered species.

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Former State Auditor Accused Of ID Theft, License Crime – Associated Press

A criminal complaint accuses a former senior state auditor of identity theft and altering or forging driver's licenses.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports the State Auditor's Office officials went to New Mexico State Police after Terry Becenti was fired earlier this year and officials then found six altered driver's licenses and four Social Security cards.


Dave Grusin has been an award-winning composer, producer, arranger and, of course, jazz pianist and recording artist for over 50 years.  He's the subject of a new feature-length documentary that was produced by two fellow musicians (and fellow Santa Fe residents), vocalist Barbara Bentree and pianist John Rangel.  Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time screens on July 22 at the Lensic Center in Santa Fe, as part of the New Mexico Jazz Festival.

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Authorities Say Close To $100K Found After Deadly Bus Crash- Associated Press

Authorities investigating a deadly commercial passenger bus crash along a New Mexico highway said Friday that one of the passengers was carrying a backpack filled with almost $100,000 in cash.

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New Mexico To Eliminate 4 Sports To Curb SpendingAssociated Press

Top officials at New Mexico's flagship university are recommending that the men's soccer team and the skiing and beach volleyball programs be eliminated to help the troubled athletics department get its finances under control.

To Grow Local Means More Than Just Fresh Food

Jul 18, 2018
Melorie Begay

For some people, eating and planting fresh food is about more than just filling empty stomachs, it’s a way to find connection and build community. It can get expensive, but some organizers in Southeast Albuquerque are committed to making fresh local organic food available.

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