2015 Legislative Guides

Jan 20, 2015

Credit puroticorico via Flickr

New Mexico In Depth, a KUNM media partner, published a Legislative Guide for this year's 60-day legislative session. From Trip Jennings, Executive Director of NMID:

This guide differs from others you might have read. In whatway, you ask?Consider it our attempt to pull back the curtain on how theNew Mexico Legislature works and, in some cases, doesn’t. Inother words, we are not interested in the spectacle and theatricsof each year’s legislative session so much as how much informationstate lawmakers share with New Mexicans about howthey conduct the public’s business.


The Santa Fe New Mexican has this central online location for all things legislative, including coverage leading up to the 2015 session and some of the unspoken rules about attending meetings and sessions at the Roundhouse.

At floor sessions and committee meetings, observe decorum. The public is not allowed to applaud or boo. Be respectful. Remember that most of the lawmakers, even those from opposite parties, are friends. And virtually all of them have deep respect for the institution. So if you’re rude to a lawmaker you disagree with or you have some emotional outburst during a committee meeting or floor session, you’re liable to offend legislators who might otherwise be sympathetic to your views.

New Mexico Political Report launched this year as "an online news platform focused on political news, in-depth analysis of critical issues and the voices of insightful people like you." There's a special section just for legislative coverage!