The Approachable Charm of the Ukulele

Sep 16, 2016

"It's a rage right now, a new American pastime."  Local ukulele enthusiast, and professional percussionist, John Bartlit thinks that "in our jet set, apartment-moving society, it's a perfect fit."  The unassuming four-string instrument, which emerged in Hawaii in the late 19th Century, will be the center of attention in Albuquerque on September 23-25 when national and local musicians convene for the 3rd annual Ukekopelli Festival.

In this more complete version of the conversation, John describes his contributions to the Ukekopelli Festival, both as a performer and workshop leader.

Honky Tonk Corazon, one of John Bartlit's original compositions, performed as a ukulele duet by John and his daughter Nola Bartlit.