Asking Questions On Stage About Education

Feb 10, 2017

What can we do as a community to make education accessible and effective for everyone?  Students at the Working Classroom in Albuquerque have spent the last year looking for answers to that question -- through interviews, research and discussions.  The result is Solving for X, an original bilingual theater piece on stage February 16-26 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

As part of their research, the students spoke with teachers, parents, administrators, fellow students and, according to Meggan Gomez, director of Working Classroom's Theater Conservatory, to those who the students thought were “the missing voices” in the conversation about public education.

In this longer version of the interview, Meggan talks about the professional guest artists -- from New York's Tectonic Theater Project and Borderlands Theater in Arizona -- who guided the Working Classroom students through the process of putting Solving for X on stage.