The Beauty Of A Bad Idea / Imperfect Is Perfect

Oct 3, 2017

Sun, October 8th 2017, 11a: PART 1: Theory: I believe the most scalable ideas often seem laughable at first glance.

The best business ideas often seem laughable at first glance. So if you’re hearing a chorus of “no’s” it may actually be a good sign… Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb — they all sounded crazy before they scaled spectacularly. So don’t be discouraged by rejection. Instead, learn to hear the nuance between the different kinds of “no.” That’s what Tristan Walker did. After stints at two successful startups, he launched out on his own with Walker & Company, makers of the Bevel razor — and learned to navigate the entrepreneurial minefield of investors who may or may not share your vision.

PART 2: Theory: If you're not embarrassed by your first product release, you released it too late.

if you’re Steve Jobs, you can wait for your product to be perfect. But there are almost no Steve Jobs’ in the world. Most entrepreneurs create great products through a tight feedback loop with real customers using a real product. So don’t fear imperfections; they won’t make or break your company. What will make or break you is speed. And no one knows this better than Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. He shares the origin story of his famous mantra, “move fast and break things” and how this ethos applied as Facebook evolved from student project to tech giant.