Bill Would Allow Voters To Update Their Registration Information On-line

Feb 8, 2013

Andy Lyman, NM News Network
Santa Fe, Feb 08, 2013

With the New Mexico Legislative Session if full swing, lawmakers are doing whatever they can to get bills passed through both the House and the Senate.

Republican Representative Jim Smith of Sandia Park, who is on the Voters and Registration Committee has introduced a bill that would allow voters to update their registration information online. The bill is co-sponsored with Democratic Senator Tim Keller of Albuquerque and is one of nine that Smith has co-sponsored with a Democratic Senator this session. Smith says working with Democratic lawmakers goes beyond crossing the aisle.

"I think they’re basically non-partisan. I certainly don’t mind the ‘crossing the aisle’ idea of it. You know, one of the problems I`ve had in the past is I get things through the House and then they languish in the Senate for a few weeks before they just die because they don’t get sent to hearings. I just thought by co-sponsoring things with senators, it would get some momentum on the other side."

Smith says he introduced the bill in order to make it easier for voters to update their information.