Billy the Kid & Musical Obscura

Thurs. 7/15 at 130pm: Travis Parkin plays two themed sets featuring some of "the best music you've never heard."

In our first theme-driven set, we'll be serving up a handpicked selection of mostly obscure and unheralded original versions of songs that went on to be big hits for other artists. Featured in the set will numbers by Gloria Jones, Yma Sumac, Arthur Alexander, Tim Hardin and John D. Loudermilk.

Today marks the 130 anniversary of the night Pat Garrett gunned down Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner, New Mexico and in today's featured theme set, we'll be sharing a few historical facts about the life of the most historical New Mexico outlaw never elected to office. We've also gathered up a tasty assortment of songs written about Billy from various contributors including -- but not limited to -- Jimmie Driftwood, Willy DeVille, Calexico, Riders in the Sky, and Joe Ely.