Books and Authors that Inspire Us

Fri. 5/6 at 8am: Our guests will be Associate Professor Linney Wix , Educational Specialties Department (Art Education Program) in the College of Education and Lecturer Emeritus V B Price, University Honors Program and School of Architecture and Planning.

Linney Wix's book "Through A Narrow Window," reviews a teacher, Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, who taught art to many children of Terez?n, Czech Republic before she was killed at Auschwitz. While she has been valorized for her heroic efforts as a teacher, her approach to teaching art has remained unexamined. This book offers a closer look at the methods and philosophy of Dicker-Brandeis's teaching, the history behind her approach, and its possible psychological effects on the children she taught. The book includes biographical and art historical information on Dicker-Brandeis and sheds light on her roles as an artist, teacher, and heroine behind Nazi lines in the Second World War.

VB Price and coauthors have prepared a photographic portrait of the University of New Mexico that shares the lure and magic of the campus and its unique architecture.

Slideshow photo: VB Price