Cali Shaw Band In Studio A

Feb 11, 2016

Pictured l-r: Muni Kulasinghe, Cali Shaw, Meredith Wilder
Credit Marshall Broyles
Sat. 2/13 7p: We'd been waiting a good while to have a chance to record the Cali Shaw Band in Studio A, but when the band arrived in late January we understood why: Shaw had reassembled the all-star squad that had recorded the "Under the Olive Tree" album with him.  Among them, Dan Spanogle, Josh English, Alex Maryol, Nick Baker, Meredith Wilder &, Muni Kulasinghe play in over two dozen active bands.  A gig likes this takes planning, and we plan to air it in full without interruption.. Was it a moment in Local Music history or just another day at the office for some of the most in-demand players on the Albuquerque scene?  Join us & find out on "Ear to the Ground."