The Cello: More Than a Classical Instrument

Fri. 2/4: Our guests are Associate Professor David Schepps and several cello students from the Department of Music at the University of New Mexico who will be playing Aria di Chiesa, and Bittersweet by Apocalyptica - a heavy metal Finnish band of classically trained musicians.

Before Professor Schepps plays a Prelude to Suite No. 1 by J S Bach, he explains to Jane Blume why he believes that the cello is an instrument of the future. He also talks about the passion he and his students have for music and the cello in particular. The program was recorded in Keller Hall because of the acoustics and the opportunity it provides students as a classroom.

Aria di Chiesa is written by Alessandro Stradella as transcribed by Paul Bazelaire.

This program is hosted by Jane Blume, and produced by Dick Frederiksen.