The Classics At UNM

Fri. 4/1 at 8am: Our guest will be Dr. Monica Cyrino, Professor of Classics in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Dr. Cyrino specializes in Ancient Greek Poetry, Greek Mythology, Classical Receptions, Classics and Cinema/Popular Culture.

Dr. Cyrino has been recognized as one of the most popular teachers of any subject on campus. One of her courses in Classics has 800 students. She is the author of a widely used textbook, A Journey Through Greek Mythology (2008) as well as Aphrodite (2010), the goddess of love.

Jane Blume and Professor Cyrino discuss the resurgence in student enrollment in the classics as well as the relevance of the Classics to contemporary genre. More recently Dr. Cyrino taught Classic Latin to a movie actor in New Mexico. Hosted by Jane Blume. Produced by Dick Frederiksen