Finally, It's Cold Enough For Snow

Nov 28, 2016

It’s been an unseasonably warm November in New Mexico. Albuquerque could see a couple of inches of snow Monday night. There could be up to six inches in northern parts of the state.

As all the folks who wanted to ski or snowboard earlier this month know, it took a long time to get cold enough for even manufactured snow to stick.

“Just a couple weeks ago, they were trying to produce some snow, but the temperatures just weren’t dropping low enough,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Randall Hergert. “So the only snow they made just melted away.”

Hergert says the last time it took until early November for the cold to really hit was almost three decades ago. “The first time it dipped below 40 here in Albuquerque was earlier this month, and that was latest we’d ever seen it,” he said.

Temperatures in the 40s are expected to stick around throughout the week. And the slopes are open.

Drivers traveling west on 1-40 Tuesday should be cautious of strong winds and icy roads.