Fronteras Desk Oil And Gas Regulation Series

Jan 15, 2015

Credit Flcelloguy / via Wikimedia Commons

As part of KUNM's commitment to ongoing coverage of the oil and gas industry in New Mexico, we included a short series of stories on the regulation of this industry from reporter Mónica Ortiz Uribe who reports from El Paso, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico, for the Fronteras Desk.

  • Part 1 looks at how the agency that enforces oil and gas industry regulations is having trouble getting this done. 
  • Part 2 examines the types of tools regulators use when oil and gas producers break the rules--and how those tools aren't always effective.  
  • Part 3 explores how lawmakers balance the need for regulation with economic interests. 
  • Part 4 we get to see what it's like to be an oil industry inspector in New Mexico.