House OKs Bill To Crack Down On Drunken Boaters

Feb 8, 2013

New Mexico lawmakers have approved a proposal to make it a felony for a drunken boater to kill or seriously injure someone.

The proposal by Republican Rep. Dennis Roch of Texico unanimously passed the House on Thursday with no debate.

The legislation will create crimes for intoxicated boaters similar to vehicular homicide by drunken drivers.

It's already against the law to operate a motorboat under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The legislation would make it a third-degree felony for a drunken boater to kill someone or cause "great bodily harm."

Convictions of the felony, when someone is killed, could carry a prison sentence of six years.

The legislation goes to the Senate. Similar proposals have passed the House the past two years but died in the Senate.