An Interview with Connie Crothers

Thurs. 7/7 at noon: Today we'll be talking via telephone with pianist Connie Crothers from her loft studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

From her very first album in 1978 I have been aware that Connie Crothers is working in ways that are beyond what merely passes for "jazz piano." I have been in the near-vicinity when she and her quartet are making music and the energy fields that are swirling on stage are practically visible. And Connie is not jumping up & down and working herself into an avant froth, she is always quietly sitting there, putting notes together that explode and converge and boil over and clouds form and rain comes down and lightening ricochets off the walls and all through it there sits Connie. You get goosebumps.

Whenever we have been able to talk with her on the Thursday jazz show it has always been meaningful and thoughtful and I have some special areas I intend to explore with her today.

--Mark Weber

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Slideshow photo of Connie by Cheryl Richards