An Interview with Richard Tabnik

Thurs. 4/7 at noon: Mark Weber interviews jazz saxophonist Richard Tabnik live from his home in NYC. But first, J.A. Deane drops by to share his new CD.

Today we'll be talking with the transcendent, luminescent, mercurial, ultrasonic alto saxophonist Richard Tabnik -- Live over the telephone from his digs on Manhattan. When and if his new trio record ever comes out (recorded a few years ago) it will flip the world inside out. I heard it and it was days before I could walk steady again, made me wobbly on my feet. Unbelievable music. Entirely secret at this time. Like a mystery until an archaeologist digs it up. We'll discuss this and the weather and other things, like the 20+ years he's been a member of the Connie Crothers Quartet and their recent tour to the eastern side of the Ural Mountains in Russia.

ALSO, in the first part of the show local outfielder J.A.Deane will drop by to show us his new CD -- yes, CDs are still being made by those of us in music for the long haul -- (MP3s and suchlike are for the general public and pop) -- Dino's new record might be with his ensemble Out of Context, he didn't say. We'll have to wait and see. More mystery. OOC is a ten-member band dedicated to spontaneous creativity, surrounding the present moment, and current trends in technology.

--Host Mark Weber

Slideshow photo: Richard Tabnik
source: inch.com