Jazz Conversations Continued, with David Parlato

Thurs. 4/1: We continue our discussion of the 1970s Los Angeles jazz scene with New Mexican David Parlato, who has played bass with everyone from Buddy Rich to Frank Zappa.

David is in the midst of exploring just how much public transportation he can use instead of his car -- this day he'll ride the train down from Santa Fe using connecting buses on both ends -- to be live in-studio with us!

David worked on tv, radio, on stage, and in the recording studios of Los Angeles before moving to New Mexico in 1991. He played bass with artists as diverse as Helen Reddy and Frank Zappa. Paul Horn and Buddy Rich, Frank Strazzeri, Ray Pizzi, Don Menza, Warne Marsh, and everybody else who knew the finger snap of modernity.

Host: Mark Weber

photo source: Santa Fe Youth Symphony