Dentist Bribes Young People To Come In For Cleanings

Dec 20, 2012
Originally published on December 20, 2012 9:37 am
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And today's last word in business is something many equate to being as fun as doing taxes - dental work. A dentist in Sweden is offering $45 gift cards. It's an effort to entice 20-somethings who've stopped coming in for cleanings now that they're living on their own. That gift may go over as well as Hermey the elf's ambitions in the 1964 TV special, "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer."

CARL BANAS: (as Head Elf) What? You don't like to make toys?

PAUL SOLES: (as Hermey) No.

UNIDENTIFIED GROUP: Hermey doesn't like to make toys. Hermey doesn't like to make toys. Shame on you.

BANAS: (as Head Elf) Do you mind telling me what you do want to do?

SOLES: (as Hermey) Well, Sir, someday, I'd like to be a, a dentist.

BANAS: (as Head Elf) A dentist?


INSKEEP: Of course, a dentist. Watch the special. It turned out to be a really, really valuable skill.

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