Making Transitions And Crossing Thresholds: A Conversation With Three Crossroads Women

Jan 30, 2016

A full studio with Celeste, Calandra and Arnelia
Credit Taya Jae


Sat. 1/30 Three women, Celeste, Calandra and Arnelia, join Taya Jae to talk about crossing thresholds and making transitions. The show explores trauma, addiction, recovery, family, sisterhood and taking agency in our own lives. These women are part of a program called Crossroads for Women. Crossroads for women works to interrupt cycles of homelessness and incarceration amongst New Mexico’s women by providing transitional housing facilities, teaching vocational, communication and life skills, and providing tools and support to help individuals become more stable and self-sufficient in the world. Listen to these women share stories of hardship, discuss their fears, expound on what they are looking forward to and share what keeps them moving toward sobriety and independence.