New Mexico Communes II / Vietnam War And Chicano Activism

May 15, 2017

  May 21

New Mexico Communes II further examines the nature of New Mexico Communes and spiritual communities including the Hog Farm, the Yogi Bhajan ashram, and the Lama Foundation.  This features the voices of Reno Myerson, Wavy Gravy, Lisa Law, Gurufateh Kaul Khalsa, Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, Asha Greer, and Siddiq von Briesen. 

Vietnam War & Chicano Activism features voices of David Perkins, Roberta Price, John Brandi, Enrique Lamadrid, Bob D'Alessandro, and Lisa Law, each of whom vigorously resisted the Vietnam War.  Michael Naranjo from the Santa Clara Pueblo tells of being seriously wounded in combat in Vietnam, but overcame blindness and other injuries to become an internationally acclaimed sculptor.  Thereafter, E.A. Tony Mares, Tomás Atencio, and Enrique Lamadrid discuss elements of Chicano culture.