No Photo ID Required at Polls in New Mexico

Nov 5, 2012

Secretary of State Dianna Duran is reminding voters about what they need to do at the polls this Election Day.  Duran says, in New Mexico a photo ID is required in only one rare circumstance- when that voter is a first time voter in New Mexico AND the voter registered by mail without showing a photo ID.  

"Anyone else who appears at their polling place needs only give their name, address, and their year of birth, verbally," Duran says."Then you will be provided at that time the opportunity to verify that that is you, you sign in, and you are given a ballot to vote like anyone else."

Polls are open from 7a to 7pm on Tuesday, November 6th.  As long as voters are in line by 7pm, County Clerks say voters will be allowed to vote after 7pm.  

Visit your County Clerk Office's website for details on polling locations.