NPS Employees Push for Better Management on Petroglyph Natl. Monument

Jun 6, 2012

Some anonymous public employees at the Petroglyph National Monument say the city owned portion of the area is being mismanaged.  

Now, a national organization is stepping in to help those park service workers convince the city of Albuquerque to do a better job.  They say much of the monument is left largely unpatrolled, leaving it vulnerable to vandalism and illegal dumping.

Two thirds of the Petroglyph National Monument sits on land owned by the city.

The National Park Service, which manages the remaining third of the historic site, has offered to extend its protections across the whole area. But according to Daniel Patterson with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the city is dragging its feet.

"We know land management is hard, its complicated. We are here to put out a call to restore and better protect Petroglyph National Monument. That can only happen if the City of Albuquerque is willing to embrace the strongest conservation standards." 

The mayor's office was unavailable for comment.