Police Probe Other Attacks After Transients Killed In Albuquerque

Jul 21, 2014

Credit Tex Texin via Flickr / Creative Commons License

Albuquerque police are investigating whether three teenagers suspected of beating two homeless men to death with cinder blocks, bricks and a metal fence pole are responsible for dozens of other attacks on transients in recent months.

Police say 18-year-old Alex Rios, and two boys, ages 16 and 15, are being held in Bernalillo County detention facilities. A criminal complaint said one of the teens told police that they had attacked more than 50 people in recent months.

Officers found two bodies in a field Saturday morning. A third victim, who said he was able to flee, was hospitalized for his injuries.

The injured man told police that he recognized one of the "kids" hitting and kicking him as someone who lived in a house nearby, and police found the trio of suspects there.