Project #CitizenSleuth: Disclosing Trump's disclosures

Aug 23, 2017

How much is President Donald Trump worth? And is he or anyone in his administration profiting from their positions? Reveal is teaming up with the Center for Public Integrity to investigate those questions. We’ve created a database listing all the assets that members of his administration have disclosed. Now we’re digging through those documents to see whether there are any conflicts of interest. We’ve posted the information online, and we’re asking the public to take part in our investigation. Citizen sleuths already have uncovered some leads. By crowdsourcing this project, we will be able to monitor whether any policy changes end up benefitting members of the president’s team. Then, we revisit another Center for Public Integrity investigation into pollution at public schools. Thousands of public schools are within 500 feet of roads such as highways and truck routes. We tell you how the bad air is affecting the millions of children who are breathing it in.