Promoting Healthy Relationships

Fri. 6/24 at 8am: Series producer and host Paul Ingles tells the story of losing a friend to a domestic homicide and wanting to explore efforts to help young people learn the building blocks for experiencing healthy relationships as adults.

Researchers say those who turn into stalkers and jealous, violent lovers often experience abuse as children and have limited positive role models for good relationships. Paul talks with two people involved in developing programs for schools that help youngsters learn how relationship conflict can be handled and how relationship breakups can be managed and survived without turning to violence. David Wolfe developed a program called "The
Fourth R" in which "Relationship" joins the traditional "reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic" in middle and high school training. Alexandra Smith oversees a program called "Start Strong Bronx" in New York that makes use of "The Fourth R" curriculum in middle schools. An hour-long version of thie program, as well as all of the programs in the series going back to 2003, can be heard online at www.PeaceTalksRadio.com.

Slideshow photo source: PeaceTalksRadio.com