Psychedelic Revolution / New Mexico Communes I

May 8, 2017

May 14

Psychedelic Revolution  features the voices of Sylvia Rodriguez, Peter Coyote, Yvonne Bond, Lisa Law, Reno Myerson, John Brandi, and John Nichols and delves into the profound impact that psychedelics had on many counterculturalists, and how many were thus inspired to migrate from the cities to the high country of northern New Mexico.

New Mexico Communes I  addresses three of the communes or countercultural communities in New Mexico & southern Colorado including  New Buffalo, Libre,  and Placitas.  Stewart Brand also discusses what prompted him to publish the Whole Earth Catalog. This program features voices of Art Kopecky, Lisa Law, Iris Keltz, Reno Myerson, David Perkins, Roberta Price, Robert D'Alessandro, Stewart Brand, and Lloyd Kahn.