Reveal for July 2015

Jun 19, 2015

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In July, Reveal looks at people who get hurt at work and who’s responsible for protecting them: companies, governments and sometimes, the workers themselves. This episode includes Reveal’s collaborative investigation with FRONTLINE, Univision, the Investigative Reporting Program at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and KQED into the sexual assault of women who clean our offices and workspaces on the night shift*. *FRONTLINE will air its report on the night shift at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 23 on PBS. We'll also be exploring the legacy of toxic chemicals used in electronics manufacturing and the effect they have on the people who've built our technology-based economy, both here and in Asia. And back home, we take to the fields and look into why it was so hard to ban one tool that was injuring agricultural workers.