Same-Sex Marriage Bills Dies In Committee

Feb 22, 2013

Credit N salazar / Creative Commons


Republicans in the House Voters and Elections Committee have killed a measure that would've put the question of same-sex marriage before voters.  The vote was 7-4, with all five Republicans and one northern New Mexico Democrat, Debbie Rodella, and Las Cruces Democrat and chairwoman Mary Helen Garcia voting in favor of tabling House Joint Resolution 3.  Just before the vote, the sponsor, democratic Representative Brian Egolf of Santa Fe, got choked up.  He said marriage between two men or two women is the same as inter-racial marriage and that a constitutional amendment would be the only way to provide the same freedom.Opponents who asked the committee to vote against the measure cited their religious faith as reasons.  Steve Rangel of the New Mexico conference of Bishops said his group supports the sanctity of marriage. It's the third time since 2007 that a gay marriage bill has failed to win passage in the New Mexico State Legislature.