Slowing Down, With Two Sticks And A Bit Of String

May 12, 2017

The colors and patterns she creates are inspired by the landscape surrounding her studio in White Rock, in the mountains south of Los Alamos.  There, Anne Podlesak hand knits with yarn she spins and dyes herself.  Her work will be featured May 19-21 in the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council Fiesta at EXPO New Mexico.

Anne's knitting, dyeing and design business is part of a global move toward "slow handcraft."  For her, it's "a great way to focus in on that slow pace of creating something with your hands, something that's exactly you."

In this more complete version of the conversation, Anne describes the kind of garments, yarns and patterns that she'll be exhibiting in the 2017 Fiber Arts Fiesta.