In Studio: John Trentacosta & Arlen Asher

Thurs. 5/20: Host Mark Weber is joined by John Trentacosta of Straight Up, and KSFR jazz host Arlen Asher.

Host Mark Weber will have old friends John Trentacosta and Arlen Asher on board, live in the studio for conversation on this notion of jazz and the philosophical implications implied by playing a music that for the most part lets you do what you want and be who you are. A music that insists you be authentic and honest and friendly.

John is the leader of the New Mexico ensemble Straight Up and I'll be asking him about growing up working with guitarist Chuck Wayne on Staten Island, and going into Manhattan to see Bill Evans, and even playing his masters recital at City College of NY with Jimmy Guiffre!

Arlen is the venerable host of KSFR jazz radio in Santa Fe and a woodwinds master with fifty years of jazz history of New Mexico. He's got to that age where everybody calls him a "treasure," hells bells, he's the wide-open puffy skies of this state and he's a prickly pear and he's a Rio Grande silvery minnow! And it's been too long since he visited us on our airwaves. I'm going to pry as much truth out of him as his constitution will allow. Jazz history is an oral tradition and we'll be jawing bigtime.

Straight Up will be unpacking their gear at the Outpost Performance Space this very evening.