Unlicensed Contractors Could Cause Problems in Fire Recovery

Jul 8, 2011

Albuquerque, NM – Victims of wildfires around the New Mexico may need to be on the look out for unlicensed contractors who offer repair and building services. The state's Regulation and Licensing Department is warning home owners now because there was an increase in unlicensed work after wildfires in the past.

Superintendent Dee Dennis, says without proper certification, contractors may cause more problems. "An unlicensed contractor will not get a permit," Dennis says, "so it won't be inspected by the state to make sure that it is done correctly. Then there's an inherent risk of hiring somebody that's not qualified to do construction work."

It's the homeowner's responsibility to verify that construction and repairs are done properly, but Dennis says they risk more damage to their home with non certified work. He suggests that home owners ask to see a contractors license before work begins.

The Regulation and Licensing Department has an approved list of contractors on their website.