Women's Focus Revolutionary Soup, 5th Year Anniversary

Jan 27, 2016

Sat. 1/30 12p: Carol Boss welcomes back Acupuncturist Dr. Dairne McLoughlin to talk about living according to the seasons with traditional Chinese medicine. She'll share the many delicious and nutritious foods as well as other ways to help us be healthy and balanced this winter season.


This is the 5th anniversary of Revolutionary Soup, a monthly segment Carol began in January 2011.  It's a series of wide-ranging conversations about food.  It's about our relationships and connections with food and and each other.  It's about community, about nourishment, it's about pleasure and taking care of ourselves, each other and our mother earth.  The conversations have covered a lot of territory including: food justice, growing our own food, back/front yard and school gardens, grower's markets, beekeeping, food security, seed saving, sustainability, women farmers in the South Valley, raw food diets, traditions and much more.  

The concept for Revolutionary Soup comes from thinking about the loveliness and comfort of gathering around the table together and sharing a pot of soup and conversation with friends (and family).  In this world of ours, it is in itself a simple yet beautiful andrevolutionary act.