Women's Focus: A Woman's Heart

May 22, 2015

The human heart.

Sat. 5/23 12:00p: Carol Boss hosts a conversation about cardiac health for women with cardiologist Karen Sopko, Dorothee Hutchinson with Project Heart Start, Mary Beth el Gouhary and Marlene Naranjo.  Marlene was with her best friend Mary Beth when the latter suddenly collapsed onto the floor and her heart stopped. Having recently completed a course in CPR, Marlene quickly began compressions and saved her friend's life.

The conversation will include how CPR training is key to saving lives as well as how women have more unrecognized heart attacks than men and are more likely to be mistakenly diagnosed and discharged from emergency rooms; information on heart symptoms in women, how a woman's experience of a heart attack differs from a man, as well as atypical symptoms and how women can assert themselves when they have symptoms.  

Jessie Brown will also be paying a visit to Women's Focus.  She's a beekeeper in Albuquerque and President of New Mexico Beekeepers Association.  Also, gifted 20-year old singer-songwriter Gabrielle Jackson stops by to perform some live music in the studio.