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Generation Justice inspires youth to become media makers committed to social transformation.

DOJ Report on UNM Sexual Violence Policies

May 23, 2016

Sun. 5/22 7p: In this show, we discuss the Department of Justice’s 37-page report on UNM’s handling of sexual assault on campus. We will hear from May Sagbakken of the Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico, students and Cathy Cook from Students for Reproductive Justice. We discuss the report and what resources are available for all survivors of sexual violence. 

#Frisco5 & Mental Health Month

May 13, 2016
Hunger For Justice SF - #Frisco5

Over the past few years, we’ve been witness to numerous police killings of unarmed women and men of color. At the same time—from New York City, to Ferguson, Albuquerque and San Francisco—community has stood up against police violence.

Native American Community Academy (NACA)

May 2, 2016

Sun. 05/01 7p: We take you to the Native American Community Academy (NACA), to learn about their amazing summer travel experiences. We will be talking with NACA teacher, Jake Foreman, and student, Larissa Jojola, about their upcoming trip to Hawai’i, as well as student Josh Haynes about his experience in New Zealand last summer.

Karuna Colectiva (Native American Community Academy)

Sun. 5/01 7p: The Native American Community Academy (NACA) has provided students with summer travel opportunities to learn about culture, language, and themselves. On this week’s show, we talk with student Josh Haynes about his trip to New Zealand last summer, and we're also joined by teacher Jake Foreman and and student Larissa Jojola to talk with us about their upcoming trip this summer to Hawai’i.

Earth Day, #COP21 And Climate Change

Apr 22, 2016
Emma Sandoval / SouthWest Organizing Project

Sun. 4/24 7p: This week we honor Earth Day with a recap of the COP 21 Summit: a meeting of hundreds of activists, Indigenous groups and grassroots organizers who filled the streets of Paris to organize around global climate change. Included in the group were three NM women: Emma Sandoval, Beva Sanchez-Padilla, and Amanda Gallegos from the SouthWest Organizing Project.

Celebrating Community Events

Apr 14, 2016



Sun. 4/17 7p: In our community, we grow together through songs, murals, celebrations, potlucks, and discussions. We dedicate the hour this Sunday to sharing these upcoming events.  

Interconnected Issues in Our Community

Apr 12, 2016



Sun. 4/10 7p: In this show, we reflect on many of the interconnected issues in our community. On the show, we have Sam Quinones, author of “Dreamland,” as well as Jessica Collins of Strong Families New Mexico/Forward Together. ‪#‎GJLove

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Empowerment Through Community

Mar 31, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 4/3 p: On this week’s show, we take a look at the local organizations that are keeping our community healthy, empowered, and engaged. Young Women United’s Circle of Strength project, Gen Z Vote, is helping new voters in NM to vote in the primaries. Then, on campus, Free Association UNM is hosting a Mental Health Fair - which they’ll be telling us all about.


#NMspeaksCrisis Town Hall

Mar 24, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 3/27 p: Missed our #NMspeaksCrisis Behavioral Health Town Hall? No worries, we recap the night on this week’s show. We will share statements made by Senator Martin Heinrich, Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Congressman Ben Ray Lujan. Also, we will feature a poem titled “Mad Love” by Hakim Bellamy.


Our Community: From César Chávez To Behavioral Health

Mar 16, 2016
Recuerda A César Chávez Committee

Sun. 3/20 7p: This week, we talk about the legacy of César Chávez with members of the Recuerda a César Chávez Committee: Kira Luna and Travis McKenzie. We’ll also speak with New Mexico In Focus Host, Gene Grant, about what the Behavioral Health System is going through in New Mexico, and his role as a journalist. And of course, we share some sweet events that are going on this week that you’ll want to check out.

Generation Justice Transitions

Mar 9, 2016
Generation Justice

Sun. 3/13 7p: This week, we bid a fond farewell to Melissa Harris, who has been our Operations Coordinator for the past 4 years. We also say “Hello” and welcome to our new OC, Jennifer Lim! Finally, we introduce our newest segment, Community Corner, where we'll be featuring the amazing local organizations that call Albuquerque home.

Home Visitation Programs

Mar 4, 2016
LarryHB / Flickr CC

Sun. 3/6 7p: We focus on the importance of home visitation programs for early childhood development. Tune in as we feature three young parents—Odalys Garcia, Brenda Enriquez, and Elijah Ramos—who tell us why home visiting programs are important to them and their babies.

We also chat with Jessa Bunker, the Public Policy Advocate at CHI St. Joseph’s, about the early childhood movement and policy tied to home visitation.

Fresh Take On The Legislative Session

Feb 25, 2016

Sun. 2/28 7p: Now that the legislative session is over, we review it from a community perspective. This Sunday, we featured Adriann Barboa of Strong Families/Forward Together and Emma Sandoval of the SouthWest Organizing Project. Both powerful women give us their take on the legislative session.

Music & Community Updates

Feb 22, 2016

2/21 7PM: This past week we dedicated the hour to sharing music selected by our GJ crew! Take a listen to the songs that we can’t get out of our heads and the latest on what is happening in our community.

The Seventh Generation

Feb 8, 2016

Sun. 2/7 7p: We’re bringing you Indigenous voices from and about the Seventh Generation, including: Casey Camp Horinek (Ponca), Amanda Blackhorse (Diné), Lynnette Haozous (Apache), Rob Brown (Ojibwe), Christina Castro (Jemez and Taos), Nick Estes (Lower Brule Sioux), and Melanie Yazzie (Diné). Join us to learn about Indigenous resistance and resiliency.


Community Events And Legislative Updates

Feb 3, 2016

Sun. 1/31 7p: This Sunday, our show focuses on fresh music handpicked by our members. We also bring you updates from the rotunda and breakdown all of the events happening in the community and during the current Legislative session.

Children & Youth Day At The Legislature

Jan 25, 2016
Generation Justice / www.generationjustice.org

  Sun. 1/24 7p: In this program we share voices from the New Mexico Legislative Celebrating Children & Youth Day and new music from Albuquerque Native by way of the Diné nation, Def-i.

Honoring Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 15, 2016
Ron Cogswell

Sun. 01/17 7p: Join us as we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tune in to celebrate one of the greatest Civil Rights’ leaders in U.S. history.


“When profit and property rights are more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, militarism, and economic exploitation cannot be conquered.”


Jan 11, 2016
Generation Justice


Sun. 1/10 7p: Thousands of New Mexicans are living with the pain of not having Comprehensive and Integrated behavioral health services – but there’s a way we can help. This program features the ‪#‎NMspeaksCrisis‬ campaign and what New Mexicans experience due to gaps in the behavioral health system.


Best Of GJ 2015: Justice Campaigns

Jan 4, 2016
Generation Justice / www.generationjustice.org

Sun. 1/3 7p: We share Part 2 of our 2015 Best of Generation Justice Series with you. We look back at the media justice victories of 2015 – including the FCC’s vote for both net neutrality and prison phone justice. Also, we celebrate how local campaigns and organizing can create change – from protecting ethnic studies curriculum, addressing institutional racism, breaking the silence about NM’s behavioral health crisis, and speaking out about the injustices we see.  

Best Of GJ 2015: Youth Action

Dec 29, 2015

Sun. 12/27 7p: We kick off our 2015 Best of Generation Justice Series! We dedicate the show to amazing youth that organize to create change in our community. Youth-led action this year manifested itself in several ways - whether it was developing irrigation systems, walking-out of standardized tests, or testifying to legislators. To hear all about it, tune in at 7 p.m. on KUNM 89.9 FM or online at KUNM.org #GJLove

National Student Activism

Dec 21, 2015
Anna Palmer / Occidental College

Sun 12/20 7p: This year, we've seen students across the country speaking out and fighting for institutional accountability. From racial violence to sexual violence, students are organizing around issues of oppression and privilege and demanding change. Student activists from California, New York, and here in New Mexico take a look at issues of equity and how they impact university settings.

All About Love

Dec 11, 2015

Sun. 12/13 7p: We're celebrating LOVE! - whether it's expressed through poetry, music, or letter-writing. We’ll share poetry and music, as well as honor the great Indigenous activist and poet John Trudell. Throughout the show we’ll also be reading letters aloud - love letters that were written in support of New Mexico’s Muslim community. Come celebrate the good with us!



Expressing Our Gratitude

Nov 25, 2015
Ian Sane Images / Flickr

Sun. 11/29 7p: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” - Melody Beattie. Join us as we dedicate the hour to giving thanks, sharing memories, and the importance of family. Alongside our stories, we’ll be sharing an original Thanksgiving Radio Drama! Tune in at 7 p.m. (MST) to KUNM 89.9 FM or KUNM.org.


An EVENTful Year!

Nov 23, 2015
Generation Justice

Sun. 11/22 7p: Are you wondering about some some of the fun things that are happening during the holiday season? Join us as we share amazing events that truly make our wonderful home the "Land of Enchantment." You won't want to miss it!

Undoing Racism & Creating Solidarity

Nov 11, 2015
Annette M. Rodriguez / MALCS Planning Committee

  Sun. 11/15 7p: Join us as we celebrate a variety of powerful women that are working towards social change.  We’ll be sharing how researchers are working to improve cancer care through undoing racism and promoting equity, featuring Dr. Geni Eng, Director of the Cancer Health Disparities Training Program at the University of North Carolina, and Dr. Jennifer Schaal, President of The Partnership Project, an anti-racism training organization.

Fall Into November

Nov 4, 2015
Generation Justice

Sun. 11/08 7p: It’s November! Join us as we dedicate the show to sharing important events happening in our community! Whether it’s art, music, or food - we’ll be highlighting the hard work that our local organizers put into making New Mexico thrive. You won’t want to miss it!





Oct 28, 2015
Mike Irwin / Flickr

Sun. 11/01 7p: Join us to find your new favorite song! The GJ crew listens to a diverse selection of beats, rhythms, lyrics, and languages. This week, we’re dedicating the entire hour to showcasing songs and genres that we’re listening to, and that we hope you will like too.