Slam poetry

  Mon. 6/5, 7p: Local poets perform their poems and converse with host Cristina Baccin about being part of the Southwest poetry family, what´s distintictive about it, and the forthcoming 4th Annual Green Chile Regional Slam Poetry Competition (June 9-10).  Listen to these young voices filled with infectious enthusiasm: competition organizers Mercedez Holtry, Eva Crespin and one of Albuquerque´s teams: Dinessa Daniel, Sarita Gonzalez, Kayla Jenae, Veronica Trujillo, Alexis Donato and Sophie Toth. They share their passion & struggles through this empowering poetry experience. 

Photo: Adam Rubinstein / http://www.stoppeddown.studio

Mon.2/20, 7p: Oral history through "testimonio" is at the heart of the community collective project, Humans of New Mexico/Humanos de Nuevo México. We´ll listen to the powerful story of Albuquerque poet, Mercedez Holtry who talks about rooting identity into her craft. Mercedez, is born and raised in Albuquerque and is part of the up and in coming