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Fugitive Priest Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Abuse – Associated Press

A fugitive priest suspected of child abuse decades ago in New Mexico has pleaded not guilty to seven counts of abuse.

Arthur Perrault entered his plea Friday in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque following his arrest in Morocco and return to the U.S.

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Fugitive Priest Pleads Not Guilty To Sex AbuseAssociated Press

A fugitive priest suspected of child abuse decades ago in New Mexico has pleaded not guilty to seven counts of abuse.

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New Mexico Observatory Closure Linked To Child PornAssociated Press

An observatory in the mountains of southern New Mexico that mysteriously closed earlier this month sparking popular rumors of alien visitors appears to be linked to a child pornography investigation.

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Feds Plan Funding Boost To Fight Assaults On Native Women - Mary Hudetz, Associated Press

A U.S. Justice Department official says the agency is doubling the funding for tribal public safety and crime victims as it seeks to tackle the high-rates of violence against Native American women. 

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Trump Rolls Back Pollution Rules For Drilling On US LandsAssociated Press

The Trump administration has rolled back an Obama-era rule meant to curb climate-changing pollution caused by huge volumes of natural gas that escapes after being drilled from U.S. lands.

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UNM President Vows More TransparencyAssociated Press

The president of New Mexico's flagship university is promising to adopt further reforms amid an investigation into the school's athletics program and criticism over how regents voted to cut some sports.

NAACP Vets Candidates For Governor Of New Mexico At ForumAssociated Press

Candidates for governor of New Mexico are scheduled to talk about issues affecting the state's African-American community at a forum organized by the NAACP.

Republican Congressman Steve Pearce and Democratic Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham planned to attend Friday's forum as they compete to become the state's next governor in November elections.

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Libertarian Senate Candidate Discloses Cannabis Investments-Associated Press

U.S. Senate candidate Gary Johnson of New Mexico has disclosed personal financial interests in the cannabis sector that include stock holdings, a profit sharing agreement and recent capital gains on investment sales, according to filings reviewed by The Associated Press.

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New Mexico Reformats Ballots Ahead Of Midterm Elections- Associated Press

New Mexico's top elections administrator is going back to the drawing board to draft ballots for the upcoming midterm elections.

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New Mexico Court Blocks Straight-Ticket Option- Associated Press

The New Mexico Supreme Court is blocking a ballot option that would have allowed voters to select candidates from one particular party in all races by marking a single box.

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Attorney General Critical Of Rolling Back Methane Rules- Associated Press

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas is criticizing the Trump administration's move to roll back rules intended to reduce methane leaks from oil and gas operations.

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New Mexico Candidates Report On Fundraising Efforts- Associated Press

The Democratic candidate for governor says she has raised an additional $1.9 million dollars in campaign funds since July 1.


Santa Fe Fiesta Turns Page On Tribute To Conquistadors - Associated Press

Civic leaders in New Mexico's capital city are turning the page on a grinding dispute over the annual re-enactment of a 17th century conquistador reclaiming Santa Fe after a Native American revolt.

The controversial pageant was being replaced Friday by new gestures of reconciliation at Santa Fe's autumn festival that starts with Catholic Mass and a performance by Indian Pueblo dancers.

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GOP Candidate Draws Fire Over Remarks On Opponent's Heritage- Associated Press

A Republican congressional candidate in New Mexico is drawing criticism for questioning her Democratic opponent's Native American heritage over her immigration views and because she wasn't "raised on a reservation."


AG Slams University Of New Mexico Over Transparency Laws- Associated Press

The state attorney general's office said the University of New Mexico flagrantly abused the state's transparency laws while school officials asked employees to delete emails and text messages relating to athletics.

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New Mexico AG Seeks To Review Church Personnel Files- Associated Press

The New Mexico Attorney General's Office is asking Roman Catholic church officials around the state to review records for any materials that may be related to past or present allegations of sexual abuse.

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New Mexico GOP Backs Former ICE Investigator For Statehouse- Associated Press

The Republican Party of New Mexico is hoping to keep control of an Albuquerque-based seat in the state House of Representatives with the nomination of a former Border Patrol agent and investigator for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Official Promises Refunds For Lock-Outs From Santa Fe EventSanta Fe New Mexican, Associated Press

An organizer is promising refunds to about 2,000 people who were still in line when gates closed early for an annual Zozobra effigy burning ceremony marking the start of the Fiestas de Santa Fe.

FBI Arrests 5 From New Mexico Compound On Firearms ChargesAssociated Press

Federal prosecutors say the FBI has arrested five former residents of a ramshackle compound in New Mexico on firearms and conspiracy charges as local prosecutors dropped charges in the death of a 3-year-old boy at the property.

Taos County District Attorney Donald Gallegos said Friday his office will now seek grand jury indictments involving the death.

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Court Rules Fair Pay For Women Act Applies To State Employees- Santa Fe New Mexican, Associated Press

An appeals court has rejected the Corrections Department's argument that the Fair Pay for Women Act doesn't apply to state employees.

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Police Say Four People Killed In New Mexico Bus Crash- Associated Press

New Mexico authorities say multiple people have been killed in a Greyhound bus crash along Interstate 40.

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Dad, Partner Plead Not Guilty In Compound Death- Associated Press

The father of a child found dead in a northern New Mexico compound earlier this month has pleaded not guilty to new charges of child abuse resulting in death.

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Pay Disparity Has Santa Fe Officers Heading To Albuquerque- Santa Fe New Mexican, Associated Press

The pay disparity between the Santa Fe and Albuquerque police departments, highlighted by a recent raise for Albuquerque officers, is causing alarm for Santa Fe police officers and commanders who say more members of their already short-staffed department are leaving to join Albuquerque's police force.

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Confederate Markers Removed From New Mexico Rest Areas- Santa Fe New Mexican, Associated Press

New Mexico officials say the last remaining memorials to Confederate President Jefferson Davis have been removed from New Mexico rest areas along Interstate 10, the main east-west route across the state.

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$2M Deal Aims To Keep Rio Grande Flowing In New Mexico Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press

The water utility that serves New Mexico's largest metropolitan area will lease water to the federal government to keep the stretch of the Rio Grande that flows through Albuquerque from going dry.

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Oil Boom May Provide Windfall To NM Public Schools- Associated Press

A surge in New Mexico's income linked to an oil boom may give legislators an extra $1.2 billion dollars to work with as they craft the next annual budget, state economists announced Wednesday.

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New Mexico Gets $3.7M To Tighten Election Cyber Security- Associated Press

New Mexico is receiving $3.7 million dollars from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to tighten cyber security, safeguard voter registration rolls and otherwise improve voting systems.

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APS Seeks State Funding For School Security UpgradesAssociated Press

Seventy schools in the Albuquerque Public School district could get security upgrades if state lawmakers approve the district’s application for additional funding.

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UNM Regents Vote Again To Cut Sports– Associated Press

University of New Mexico regents have voted again in favor of cutting men's soccer and three other teams in an effort to get spending under control within the school's troubled athletics department.

The cuts also are aimed at meeting federal Title IX requirements for ensuring gender equity.

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Legislators Call Out Regents On Sports Cuts- Associated Press

The leader of an influential legislative committee is asking regents at the University of New Mexico to slow down and work with state lawmakers to address financial problems and Title IX compliance before moving to cut men's soccer and other sports.