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New Mexico Democrats Have 60 Days To Select New LeaderThe Associated Press

The Democratic Party of New Mexico is without a leader and has roughly two months to find a new one.

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New Mexico Students Gather As Others Walk Out Over ViolenceThe Associated Press

Hundreds of students at a New Mexico high school where two classmates were gunned down by an armed intruder in December gathered around a flag pole Wednesday for a "walk-up" as a way to unify their rural campus while students elsewhere in the country joined walkouts against gun violence.

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New Mexico School Plans 'Walk-Up' In Wake Of Gun ViolenceThe Associated Press

While students across the country plan walkouts to protest gun violence, teens at a New Mexico high school still reeling after two classmates were gunned down in December by an armed intruder have organized a "walk-up" to help unify a campus with varied ideas on school safety.

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New Mexico Marks Record Year For Oil ProductionThe Associated Press

Oil producers have set a record for the number of barrels pumped in New Mexico last year, and industry experts say output from the Permian Basin is expected to double over the next several years.

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New Mexico Candidates For Governor Join Bipartisan ForumAssociated Press

Republican and Democratic candidates for governor in New Mexico have agreed to participate in a public forum Sunday about the public's right to access government documents and other transparency issues.

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New Mexico Changes System For State Lottery Scholarships- Associated Press

New Mexico is providing more certainty for college students about the amount of financial aid they can count on from state lottery revenues, but elected officials and others say more needs to be done to shore up the scholarship program as higher education costs climb.

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Governor Signs $6.3 Billion Budget- Associated Press

Gov. Susana Martinez has signed a $6.3 billion general fund-spending bill for the coming fiscal year that boosts funding for law enforcement and public education.

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Official Threatens Fence In Dispute With US On Border Access- Associated Press

A U.S. Senate candidate who serves as New Mexico's top land manager posted signs today along the U.S.-Mexico border aimed at blocking border patrol operations on a one-mile stretch of state trust land over concerns that the federal government is not compensating the state for using the land.

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Governor Says Lobbyist Bill Didn't Go Far EnoughAssociated Press

Gov. Susana Martinez has vetoed legislation that was initially aimed at bolstering campaign finance reporting requirements for lobbyists when it came to expenses under $100.

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Zinke Stops Oil And Gas Sale Near Chaco Canyon Albuquerque Journal

U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has halted a controversial oil and gas lease sale planned near a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northwestern New Mexico.

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Judge Asks Whether Welfare, Health Programs Are Meeting Needs - The Associated Press

New Mexico’s ability to provide emergency food benefits and health coverage under Medicaid is under scrutiny by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Gonzales heard testimony today in an ongoing legal battle over the state Human Services Department progress in meeting a 1998 court decree related to a backlog of food and medical assistance claims.

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New Mexico Governor Says Schools Could Use Retired OfficersThe Associated Press

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez says schools could utilize retired police officers for campus security as a cost-effective approach to make schools safer.

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Commissioner Wants Review Of New Mexico Sheriff's PoliciesThe Associated Press

A Bernalillo County commissioner is calling for an independent and accelerated review of policies dictating how the state's largest sheriff's department uses force and handles pursuits.

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Ex-State Treasurer To Help In Albuquerque Police Reform – The Associated Press

A former state treasurer will lead police reform efforts in New Mexico's largest city.

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New Mexico Ruling Cites Limit On Police Duty In DWI Testing Associated Press

The New Mexico State Supreme Court has overturned a lower court and ruled that police don't have to help drunken-driving suspects arrange to exercise their right under state law to have an independent blood-alcohol test.

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New Mexico High School Graduation Rate Holds SteadyThe Associated Press

The percentage of New Mexico students who graduate high school is holding steady at 71 percent.

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Drought Forces Painful Choices For New Mexico Ranchers - The Associated Press

Some stretches of New Mexico have gone months without meaningful moisture, leaving farmers and ranchers to make difficult decisions as long-term forecasts call for drought to intensify across the already arid state.

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Police Tighten Security Following School Shooting Threat – The Associated Press

Police are increasing their presence at a high school outside Albuquerque after a shooting threat was made against the school.

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Judge Orders New Mexico Governor To Submit To DepositionThe Associated Press

A state district court has ordered New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez to answer questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit linked to the eviction of a group from a political even in 2014.

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New Mexico Governor's Tense Tenure With Lawmakers Nears EndThe Associated Press

The rocky relationship between New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and state lawmakers is coming to a close as she prepares to leave office and both sides ponder what could have been.

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New Mexico City To Dedicate Women Veterans MonumentAssociated Press

The city of Las Cruces soon will be dedicating what officials are billing as one of only a few monuments that focus solely on women veterans.

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Former New Mexico State Senator Gets 18 Months Prison Term – The Associated Press

Former New Mexico Sen. Phil Griego will spend 18 months behind bars for fraud, bribery and other convictions stemming from allegations that he misused his position to profit from a real estate deal.

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New Mexico Lawmakers Boost Spending, Wrestle With CrimeThe Associated Press

The New Mexico Legislature is wrapping up a 30-day session after approving a $6.3 billion budget bill that shores up spending on the criminal justice system and public education with pay raises allotted to teachers and state workers.

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Key New Mexico Lawmaker Calls For NMSU Regents To ResignThe Associated Press

A top leader in the New Mexico Legislature is asking for New Mexico State University's regents to resign following a recent vote to limit the administrative powers of the school's outgoing chancellor.

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New Mexico Senate Approves Spending IncreaseThe Associated Press

A proposal to boost New Mexico state spending on public schools, the criminal justice system, business incentives and Medicaid has been approved by the state Senate.

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Santa Fe County Sees Rise In Medical Marijuana CardholdersThe Associated Press

The New Mexico Department of Health says the number of medical marijuana cardholders in Santa Fe County has jumped to nearly 43 percent from January 2017 to January 2018.

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New Mexico Legislature Backs Pet Food Fee For Sterilizations Associated Press

Bills to expand dog and cat sterilizations across New Mexico by collecting a new annual fee from pet food manufacturers have cleared the New Mexico House and Senate.

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New Mexico Senate Braces For Debate On Preschool FundingThe Associated Press

Members of the New Mexico state Senate are bracing for a heated debate about whether to increase funding for early childhood education by distributing more money from a multibillion dollar sovereign wealth fund.

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State Forestry: State Could See Worst Fire Season In Decade – The Associated Press & KRQE

New Mexico State Forestry officials say they already are anticipating an aggressive fire season, as 70 percent of the state is facing severe drought.

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Water Forecast Is Bleak For Major Reservoir In Southwest USThe Associated Press

Forecasters say one of the most important reservoirs in the Southwestern U.S. will likely collect less than half its normal amount of spring runoff this year because of a warm, dry winter across much of the region.