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Deal To Sell Dodgers Sparks Celebration


Well, it would be an interesting year to get into politics, but if that's not for you, maybe you could dream of owning a baseball team. Frank McCourt has agreed to a court-supervised auction of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Major League Baseball says McCourt and his wife mismanaged millions in team money. The couple is going through a bitter divorce and all of this led to the Dodgers filing for bankruptcy in June, which led to jokes like this from comedian Seth Meyers.

SETH MEYERS: The Dodgers are so broke their third-base coach is just a mirror reflecting the image of their first-base coach.


ROGER ARRIETA: Just joke after joke about the Dodgers, so that to me wasn't my Dodgers anymore.

INSKEEP: That's Roger Arrieta of Los Angeles, who felt he needed to do something.

ARRIETA: And the website I started is called Mark Cuban Save the Dodgers dot com.

MONTAGNE: Arrieta wants the Dodgers to end up in the hands of the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, who actually is interested. But Dodgers fan Arrieta says any new owner would do.

ARRIETA: When you mention the word Dodgers, you know, when I was growing up, it was elite, not just baseball, but sports in general. I mean, as long as they're going to have that goal to restore the Dodgers to that legacy, that's what we're asking for.

INSKEEP: Now that Frank McCourt is selling, Mr. Arrieta is holding a rally at the stadium to celebrate. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.