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MON: Tribes Have High Hopes As Haaland Confirmation Hearing Nears, + More

Tribes Have High Hopes As Haaland Confirmation Hearing Nears - By Felicia Fonseca Associated Press Deb Haaland has stood with fellow tribal members in protesting an oil pipeline, advocating for protecting cultural landmarks and criticizing destruction of Native American sites near the U.S.-Mexico border.

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UNM Researcher Addresses Vaccine Concerns Among Latinos

Recent surveys show that the U.S. Latino population is skeptical and mistrusts the COVID-19 vaccine, with nearly 30% saying they are unlikely to get it. University of New Mexico Political Science professor and Director of the UNM Center for Social Policy Gabriel Sanchez co-authored a study published by the Brookings Institution last month that digs deeper into this data. The report highlights the historical roots of this fear, and makes recommendations for community-specific outreach efforts that could increase equity in vaccine distribution. Dr. Sanchez spoke with KUNM’s Nash Jones about the report and why some Latinos said they are reluctant to get the vaccine.

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New Mexicans Head To Texas For COVID Vaccines

This week so far more than 628,000 New Mexicans were registered to get the COVID vaccine. Just over 306,000 of those had received their first dose. State health officials say the delay in getting more people vaccinated is in their efforts to be more equitable and coordinated. But a growing number of New Mexicans are deciding not to wait, and to go to Amarillo, Texas instead. Note: Texas is currently recovering from a massive storm and power outage, and access to vaccines -- much less heat, water and electricity -- may be greatly disrupted.

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Mountain West Indigenous Leaders Back Haaland As GOP Lawmakers Oppose Confirmation

New Mexico Congresswoman Deb Haaland is poised to become our nation's first Indigenous cabinet secretary. As some prominent Mountain West lawmakers oppose her confirmation to lead the U.S. Department of the Interior, many of their Indigenous constituents are pushing back. House Republicans from Montana and Colorado signed onto a letter urging President Joe Biden to withdraw Haaland's nomination. Republican Sen. John Barrasso has indicated that he may vote against her confirmation, citing what...

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Albuquerque – KUNM's Sarah Gustavus speaks with writers and reporters from the online New Mexico Independent.


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No More Normal: Old-School Shoutout Show 2

It's the return of our Old-School Shoutout Show on Episode 21. The first one, we did back in May. Now, as the pandemic wears on, we wanted to hear from callers: Who do you love? Who do you miss? Who do you want to celebrate or honor? We did the episode live this year.

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Rain, Wind, Sleet Or Snow

Weather, Roads, School Delays

Megan Kamerick

Scholar Outlines What Reparations Might Look Like

University Showcase, 2/19, 8a: On this episode we explore the concept or reparations with Kathy Powers , who has been studying transitional justice and reparations around the world for years. She’s an associate professor of political science at the University of New Mexico.

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