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Daily Update
Native Americans Boarding Schools
Susan Montoya Bryan/AP
A new Interior Department report on the legacy of boarding schools for Native Americans underscores how closely the U.S. government collaborated with churches to Christianize them as part of a project to sever them from their culture, their identities and ultimately their land.
Fire information resources
Spring Wildfires
Thomas Peipert/AP
The KUNM News Department is continuing to update these lists with resources related to the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak
Local News
  • The New Mexico Human Services Department announced New Mexicans receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP food benefits will continue to receive the maximum amount for their household size during the month of May, continuing until the announcement of the end of the public health emergency in mid summer.
  • water.jpg
    Photo by Darkpatator courtesy of Creative Commons
    The Environment Department says power outages that result in drinking water sitting in pipes and exposure to extreme heat can result in contamination from E. coli and other bacteria.
  • 52006728358_ed32614643_o.jpg
    Photo courtesy of S. Matt Counts
    USFS via Flickr
    A controversial prescribed burn, which would eventually become the Hermits Peak Fire, has left Northern New Mexicans and officials wondering why it ever happened in the first place. The U.S. Forest Service, which lit the blaze, has yet to release all the information about the conditions under which the burn took place––citing a pending review.
  • Las Vegas fire
    Alice Fordham
    The Hermits Peak fire began as a prescribed burn. Many officials, and evacuees at risk of losing everything, say the burn should never have happened. An ecologist says despite the risks prescribed burns are essential.
Let's Talk New Mexico
Mental Health Insurance Bill
Nash Jones
While you may have heard that the state did away with out-of-pocket costs for behavioral health care this year, the new law doesn’t apply to most insurance plans New Mexicans have. This week on Let’s Talk New Mexico, we’ll discuss why that is, and help clarify who and what is covered under this new policy, and why waiving these kinds of copays is so important. We’ll also hear about how employers not subject to the law are working to support employee mental health.
Women's Focus
Emerge New Mexico
Emerge New Mexico
A look at EMERGE New Mexico, an organization that inspires, recruits, and trains women to run for elected office.
Mountain West News Bureau