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KUNM Community Partnership

This Spring we teamed up with Independent Vehicle Service and Tree New Mexico to help plant an urban forest. With your help and through the Community Partnership, we hope to plant 150 trees! Trees that will absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, cool surface temperatures in our local neighborhoods, and create a healthier environment for generations to come.

Here’s how the KUNM Community Partnership works:

When you donate to KUNM at a qualifying level, our community partner, Independent Vehicle Service has agreed to recognize your gift to KUNM and provide a separate donation of trees to Tree New Mexico as a part of your KUNM ‘thank you’ gift. This means 100% of your donation stays right here at KUNM to support the programming that’s important to you and will also help plant trees in urban areas across New Mexico – all with a single donation to KUNM!

Tree New Mexico is dedicated to helping communities’ plant and care for trees in urban throughout The Land of Enchantment.

For more than 30 years Tree New Mexico has been planting trees and educating the public on the value and necessity of healthy urban forests. Tree New Mexico is a non-profit organization right here in New Mexico that plants thousands of trees each year and helps to build a higher level of understanding and advocacy for the expansion and maintenance of urban forests.

Independent Vehicle Service provides customers with personalized attention and makes the maintenance of vehicles top priority.

Independent Vehicle Service understands that customers come first. They provide knowledgeable answers, resolve issues promptly and accurately, and communicate with customers with clarity about needed repairs.

KUNM and our partners hope you will participate in the KUNM Community Partnership and help us plant 150 trees – to create a new urban forest!

Give Now and Plant a Tree!