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The KUNM news team's coverage of the 2020 legislative session and its impacts

Your NM Government: Roundhouse Update | 3.17.21

New Mexico PBS


A lot of the activity here in the last days of the session, not surprisingly, is focused on money matters. The first order of business each year is of course the budget (HB 2), and that seems to be nearing the finish line with just three and a half days left to go. Also, lawmakers in the House yesterday unanimously approved a Capital Outlay package (HB 285). Now it's up to the Senate to pick up the baton. 

A measure to tap more money from the Land Grant Permanent Fund is also moving forward to the full Senate, after a historic vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. A staple of recent legislative sessions, the measure has never made it this far before. All that stands between it and the Governor's desk is a full Senate vote. If all of that happens, it would still end up n the November 2022 ballot for voters to ultimately decide. 

Also in today's YNMG update:

Progress on HB 20 which would require private employees earn paid sick leave. It passed out of Senate Judiciary yesterday with changes and is now also headed to the full Senate for consideration.  HB 4, the Civil Rights Bill, is also nearing the finish line. It passed the full Senate yesterday on a 26-15 vote. The House still needs to approve changes, otherwise a conference committee will face that task. HB 4 would remove the qualified immunity defense in lawsuits where people claim police or other public agencies violated their civil rights. It would cap damages at $2 million dollars per incident.   Cannabis Legalization - Both HB 12 and SB 288 are expected to be heard today in Senate Judiciary, but nothing is ever for sure at this time of the session. 


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