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Thurst Trap

Photo: Thurst Trap

Thurst Trap is a three piece of electric piano, bass, and drums. With the energy of a punk band and the sensibilities of bass heavy prog rock, they blast the music at you in a frenetic blitz. Fun and engaging they prove you don't need an electric guitar to rock out.

Watch Thurst Trap perform live on Afternoon Freeform on KUNM's Youtube!

Recorded by Chris A.
Video Produced by Gus Tafoya

KUNM Studio Sessions Afternoon Freeform
Basic Human Needs Award winning poet, Don McIver a host/producer of KUNM’s Afternoon Freeform every other Friday, the author of The Noisy Pen and The Blank Page, and an editor of A Bigger Boat: The Unlikely Success of the Albuquerque Poetry Slam Scene. As a DJ, he has a deep appreciation for Spoken Word as a genre (hosted KUNM’s Spoken Word Hour for several years before moving to Freeform), yet feels the job of a Freeform DJ is to be well versed in all genres. He says, “An ideal Freeform DJ is someone whose taste is very wide across all genres but only deep in a small number of them.” He's a teacher by trade at Central New Mexico Community College, where he also manages the tutoring center.