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Los Reyes de Albuquerque - Part 5

By Paul Ingles and Genevieve Russell


Los Reyes de Albuquerque - Part 5

Paul Ingles and Genevieve Russell

Albuquerque, NM – In 1983, Roberto Martinez changed the focus of the performing career of his group Los Reyes de Albuquerque. They would continue to play big shows and festivals and fairs, but they would also make a commitment to take the traditional Hispanic music of Northern New Mexico, Southern Colorado and Mexico to the people who might not be able to get to those festivals and fairs to hear the music.

Martinez set up a non-profit foundation and began to take the music to senior centers, nursing homes, pueblos, schools and juvenile detention centers.

As our series on Los Reyes de Albuquerque continues, producer Paul Ingles accompanies Roberto Martinez Sr and his group for a couple of their shows. One big one, and one small one.

Our series -Los Reyes de Albuquerque y la Familia de Martinez -is produced by Paul Ingles and Genevieve Russell with support from the New Mexico Humanities Council and the KUNM Independent Producers Fund.

To see photographs by Genevieve Russell, hear the entire series, and get more information on the family and the group, visit the website losreyesstory.org.

An hour-long version of the program will air Sunday morning, 12/6 at 11 on KUNM.