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Report: No 'Spillover' of Border Violence

From the El Paso Times

The report, "Beyond the Border Buildup," was produced by the Washington Office on Latin America, a think tank that advises U.S. policymakers, and Mexico's Colegio de la Frontera Norte, a prominent research college with branches in Tijuana and Juárez. "While Mexico has suffered over 50,000 organized-crime- related murders since 2007, this violence is not spilling over the border," said the report based on a yearlong investigation on both sides of the border. However, cartel-related kidnappings did take place in the United States, although less is known about them because victims fearing reprisals are reluctant to report them. "Beyond homicide, Mexican organized crime groups do hold kidnapped migrants and smuggled drugs in safe houses throughout the border region," the report said. It added that statistics show the abductions appear to be on the decline.