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Albuquerque City Bus Drivers Want More Safety

Andy Lyman

Protesters picketed on Sunday at a busy Albuquerque intersection. They called for more resources to increased safety on city buses.

Union drivers with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union (AFSCME) said they want to raise public awareness of the safety issues on ABQ Ride buses and that they want safer working conditions.

Driver Diane Avalos said after three years on the job she that dealing with unruly passengers is just a small part of her everyday routine.

“When I first got onto this job, I though I was going to be just driving. No, in the end I’m a security guard, I’m a person watching for drugs being sold on my bus. They’re unsafe at this point," Avalos said.

City of Albuquerque Transportation Director Bruce Rizzieri said he met with the union’s safety committee and stressed that ABQ Ride officials are always concerned with the safety of employees.