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Bosque As Wild Landscape Or Urban Park?

Adam Kludt

The City of Albuquerque released an environmental monitoring report for a section of the bosque they hope to develop between Central Avenue and Montaño, but advocates are focused on protecting the wildness in the area. 

The public has until November 30, 2014, to comment on the report that was supposed establish baseline data about the environmental health of the bosque that runs through the heart of Albuquerque and is important habitat for animals.

Richard Barish with the Bosque Action Team told his group that there’s one sentence that is particularly troubling. 

“It says ‘Given the already environmentally disturbed condition of the Middle Rio Grande bosque, the proposed project is not anticipated to have a significant negative environmental impact on the area,’” Barish read aloud. 

Barish argued that, of course, the bosque looks different now than before humans settled in the valley. But he said that shouldn’t be a reason to blindly move forward with development. 

Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry divulged a proposal for the bosque a few years ago that included wide trails inside the levees, restaurants and pedestrian bridges over the river. 

Credit cabq
A previous version of the City's concept for development along the bosque.

Hundreds protested and since then the proposals have been scaled down. 


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