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Report: Racial Profiling By Border Patrol

jonathan mcintosh via Flickr (cropped)
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Border patrol agents are racially profiling and routinely harassing people in southern New Mexico according to an investigation by the ACLU.

The investigation revealed that border patrol agents detain people at checkpoints based on the color of their skin. It also detailed how roving agents pull over ambulances that are transporting patients.

ACLU New Mexico’s Micah McCoy says this behavior puts lives at risk and is illegal. 

“They’re delaying critical lifesaving care for someone just so they can exert their authority and search a vehicle,” McCoy said.

Border patrol policy allows agents to pull people over for searches and questioning within 100 miles of the border. But a 2013 directive orders border agents to steer clear of places like schools and hospitals unless their supervisors have signed off.

Human rights advocates are demanding Congress hold U.S. Customs and Border Protection accountable for violating their own policies. 

A spokesperson for the agency said they were unaware of the allegations.

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