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Manufacturing Industry Concerned New Ozone Standards Will Harm Business

Dave LaFontaine via Flickr
The new ground-level ozone limits would reduce smog according to the EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing stricter limits on ground-level ozone, which the agency says is harmful to human health. That has some manufacturers in New Mexico concerned that the new rule will increase the cost of doing business.

Ross Eisenberg with the National Association of Manufacturers says the ozone limits threaten industries in New Mexico that use chemical solvents.

“Quite frankly the EPA hasn’t been contemplating anything remotely this insane in a long time,” Eisenberg said, “so that is why we want to make sure that voices across the country that are going to have to live with this thing are heard loud and clear.”

Eisenberg said the rule would make it much more difficult to get permits, which in the long run could mean job cuts.

The EPA said the standards are being updated based on scientific evidence about the effects of ground-level ozone and that the new rule will strengthen health protections for kids, the elderly and people with lung issues like asthma.

The agency has to finalize the stricter standards by October 1st.

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