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Big Pork? Little Pork? Broken System?

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A new water system for the Cebolleta Land Grant down South. A dam in Cabresto, near Taos. The new interchange at Paseo del Norte and I-25 in Albuquerque. The Spaceport. These are the kind of infrastructure projects that move water and people around the state—and maybe someday, outer space. They cost a lot of money, and some or most of that money comes from the state.

The state also funds a bunch of smaller projects. Things you’ve never heard of that really don’t have much to do with building infrastructure or economic development. That’s because, critics say, the system is really good at helping politicians throw little pieces of pork around their districts—and not very good at making a list of important projects, giving them the money they need and getting them done.

How did we get so turned around and what are some ideas for a way forward?


Credit Think New Mexico

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